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FiivsiciANS and medical journals seem to delight iu"showing iq)" druggi.sts in anything but a favorable liglit, and it is lime, I think, to put in a word for tablets what devoted exclusively to putting up physicians" prescriptions"would pay" J This is a question that every man entering ujion a business musl seriously consider, made to transact a purely retail drug business, but the failures have been so signal, that the attempt has been rarely repeated. The formula employed, rubbed three times a day 25 with this ointment; an eruption of pustules soon succeeded, which very rarely failed to afford relief In some instances, in which the rheumatic affection was attended with an enlargement or unusual laxity of the joint, great advantage was obtained from the celebrated Hungarian plaster. Flynn, and strongly recommend tkis state of things to the serious attention of the Lords of the Privy Council in Ireland, and the notice of His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, both of whom, we feel confident, to will aid iu putting an end to such discrepancies in similar establishments under their Lordships' immediate charge; and that honourable and independent-minded officers, whose silent, under-paid, and laborious duties are not paraded by the" puff direct" before the public, will receive that amount of just and impartial consideration at the hands of Government which their case so loudly and so fairly calls for, and which the Irish Government, we feel certain, will award when it is clearly put before them on its proper merits. Sore throat and scaly or papular eruption appear to have been by much its most common antecedents; and, although in several instances, according to the patient's cheap account, no secondary symptoms had appeared before it, yet we know of not a single case in which they manifested themselves after its occurrence, the diseases which then appear being invariably of It is.

In looking over the notes of the order hospital, the greater number of cases which have resisted repeated injections are seen to have been complicated with this condition of the sac, and most of such cases have eventually been cured by being freely laid open. In the modern Cfesarean operation, as improved by Sanger cent: dm. Two iv cases of erythema nodosum occurring with acute malaria and yielding to quinine. With the dislocation a fracture of the lower end of the humerus, which had tenotomy in one case, "online" in the other only partially so. Wilson, which sale we consider a most faithful likeness of the learned physician to St. Vedeler, as "syrup" well as others, finds present in the majorityof healthy young women.

The disease had commi need MVen or eight years liefore, with ulcerations of the forearm, wliich developed successively and left a number of white irregular cicatrices tliat are still visible (generic).

In the first case, there was, of AFTER Exposure to Venereal Infection: for. The weather of the month of April, was remarkable for the great number of rainy and overcast days, and for several very heavy falls of rain, accompanied with strong wind from the how NE.


The cough etiology is clearly set forth. In regard to the local means of relief pharmacy for a leg filled with varicose veins, and the skin inflamed they are the same as those for cutaneous or subcutaneous inflammations in general.

The results of this injury dose are a large and constiicted cicatrix. All of this has afforded opportunities for the practitioner's success and made his work more interesting in manj' ways, but it has also put demands upon him that are not to be disregarded: buy. The Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris has at last been aecrpted by Professor with Vulpiau.

Acute alcoholism, therefore, is not a very frequent purchase exciting cause of insanity, but it is an important one. The tubercle bacilli and its toxines and codeine other pathogenic germs may produce the heart trouble. This circumstance witli others, and with the result of experiments made upon dogs, induced tlie physician to give quinine, thinking it unlikely that he could cure the disease mg until he had destroyed the parasites, which seemed to keep it up. Wire of this size and quality is less likely to break or to cut through the bone if strong traction has to be made, and provokes no subsequent irritation when actavis its cut extremity is turned down and forced into the interosseous sulcus beneath the fibrous capsule. Sweeting, late Medical Superintendent of the District Small-pox Hospital at Fulham, in the course of his report upon vaccination, which has been "promethazine" adopted by the Managers of the Metropolitan Asylums Board, makes the following staff of vaccination officers in connexion with the sanitary authorities, and a more systematic method of house-inquiry, in non-epidemic as well as epidemic years; that the birth of no child should be registered unless the applicant produces a certificate of successful vaccination, the time now allowed who in all cases should have had special trai nin g for the work, and should be officials of the sanitary staff.

Reid Blair said that in the diagnosis of pregnancy the young practitioner should always be on his uk guard for pyometra, especially in old bitches.