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This washing oul of the bowels should bo done daily for about one week and the urine should be in examined again for indioan, and if it is found present, the indication is that there i- need of another course of the calomel and podophyllin. If patients are doing well and not suffering from too much discomfort, we can treat them the same way as in treating can the lung. There has been no important how action taken to which the majority of the elected representatives were opposed. Such are the chief theories that have been indulged on "uk" this interesting subject. ' Dr Andrew Macphail, Editor of the Montreal Medical Jounial was m tablets Toronto the last of January.


The skin is interwoven with the nerves of touch, which online distinguish hardness and softness, heat and cold, moisture and dryness. PAPERS READ BEFORE codeine THE SECTION. Another element which may enter into the causation is some little understood irregularity of the and circulation, other than retarded flow, which is manifested in the venous thrills and hums; and which may in certain situations, where thrombi most frequently form (sinuses, femoral vein), lead to the eddies shown by von Eecklinghausen to be of importance in the causation of thrombosis; although I confess that the fulness of the veins in chlorosis does not svipport this suggestion. To address the following questions to all boards to of health and education, all legislatures, and all who are interested in the physical and moral welfare of our children: Do you believe that bad vision and hearing constitute an important barrier to the reasonable and easy acquirement of an Do you belicAe that a A-ast number of children are thus embarrassed? Do you believe that a great benefit to the children, to society at large and mankind in general, would be effected if such physical defects could be detected and relieved? Do you believe such a plan to be practical, unobjectionable The writer thinks the answer," Yes," must be returned to The writer addresses this interrogative to those who, by reason of their public ofifices, have the power to enact rules and laws calculated to produce beneficent results on the public at large. ''"On the correct solution of this question depends, no doubt," said Dr: promethazine. It is the continuous exposure to the water that protects these patients," and it is the best treatment by all means: dm. In fact, Pasteur's discoveries have you not only widely extended the boundaries of physico-chemical and biological science, but have been the means of practically revolutionizing medicine and surgery." The Life of Pasteur, as interesting and entertaining books it has been my good fortune to read for some time. When they find a change of symptoms which may modify treatment they do not act on their own responsibility until the physician is informed, unless of course it is a critical emergency, and that is why she has been generic trained. For the relief of tender nerves and muscles where there is nothing better than Avarm fomentations. Localities, is in every sense a effects reaction to injury or irritation, and tends towards reparative ends.

He was required by statute to give four lectures on the subject of anatomy in the Lent term, and three in the Michaehnas term, but attendance syrup upon these lectures was not obligatory on the part of the students. It is hence evident, that no direct connexion exists between the organic lesions above referred dosage to and the production of ascites, when they occur in the same individual. It was also stated that gonorrhea of the rectum in the male is almost always the result of sodomistic practices, and when mg so, can be considered of the primary type.

The eftect of diminished atmospheric pressure on a part of the body is well exemplified by the application the of a cuppingglass. The patient recovered as well cough as after ordinary labor. The fist is by no means exhausted, and varies somewhat in accordance with the personafity of the individual, but this train of symptoms forms a picture of nervousness often presented to buy the practitioner. For erasure from the register as a member and registered practitioner of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Your committee duly met after notice of the charges in the subject matter of the enquiry to be conducted had been given to the said John Robert McCullough, who did not appear, either personally or by counsel, city of London, and on Wednesday and Thursday, the Toronto, when witnesses over were examined in support of the petition, and when the letter hereto annexed, dated McCullough to your committee was read; and after hearing the evidence, which herewith accompanies this report, your committee arrived at the following guilty of infamous or disgraceful conduct in a professional respect, the particulars of which are as follows: Charles Sheppard upon condition that the said Mc Cullough should guarantee to cure the wife of the st Sheppard, whereas the said McCullough well knew tl the wife of the said Sheppard was suffering frc disease which he could not cure. By means counter of an open operation can they be repaired. With - this western movement did not take it out of its zone so that survival was possible and its descendants now constitute the great Alpine race which is wedged in between the Mediterranean and Baltic types.