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The character of these 25 gentlemen, and the publicity of their practice, entitle their reports to the utmost confidence; and it will be prhi cipally to their exertions that the profession and the public will owe the benefits that must ultimately accrue from a pursuit of the inquiry they have so zealously earned on.

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It cost was, as might have been foreseen, speedily consumed, and the men marching under a burning sun, through a dry rocky country that furnished no water, fell down at almost every step. Cetera sunt facienda cadcni in utroque casu: siquidem convenit pra;cipue vitare frigus; que est revertendum paulatim ad exercitationes, sic, ut ingrediatur protinus ipse, si potest: si imbecillitas cnirum proliibet id, vel gestetur, vel concutiatur migraine mo!u Iccti: turn id ad suam consuetudinem, si potest, per sc, sin minus, moveatur per alium, et quadam vi. The polM do not require to to be ebangwl aa two borwa are uwd between thsDolea and two on eaefa outer aide. Wc can make twenty discharges in five seconds (mg). Conversion - grandin M.D., Obstetric Surgeon to the New York Maternity Hospital; Instructor in Gynecology at the New York Polyclinic; Fellow of the Obstetrical Society, etc.