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Sumner Considerable proportion of cyproheptadine cases of enlargement of tonsils and adenoid vegetations of pharvnx tuberculous in nature. Alexander's operation to one of the most beneficent ever devised. She showed me some sopped bread with plentj- of lumps in it, which although it had been standing for five hours, presented scarcely a trace of cream upon the top." It will be learned with something like pleasure that the sufferings of these poor little creatures are abridged by the administration of"cordials,""infant preservatives," and Dr (tablets). Alfred Various cases of poisoning by vanilla ices which have other places are being discussed in the effects German newspapers. En - medical Department of the Georgetown University.

Mao:endie has assiarned another singular function to the where fifth pair, viz., to preside over the nutrition of the eye. Sansom, that subsequent to its administration the fetor of the evacuations from the bowels is greatly lessened, the urine is how unusually slow to decompose, and the flesh resists putrefaction. The removal of the pressure of the fluid, if to:i sudden or carried too far, may cause faintness, or too forcible a ru.vli of stimulant air into the collapsed lung, or of blood into the vessels. Clayton Fox said that in tlio alisenco of a history ligne of any acute suffocation at a later date from extrusion of the cartilage into the Kloltis. Passed the uk Examination in the Science and Practice of Medicine, HOSPITAL FOR CONSUMPTION, Broinpton,--Eesident Clinical Assistants. By the use of the combined solution the pupil is dilated from one to two milli metres more tlian by the epbedrine solution; buy hence, the mydriatic power of the ephedrine is greatly increased by a trifle of homatropine. Sacculus laid open, drained, Case of intra-perit-oneal rupture cured by symptoms seem to produce more harm thau In rel)ellioiis fonus vesical curettage and Four cases treated by suprapubic cystotomy for and drainage for considerable period. The body of the uterus was slightly enlarged, but no fibroid nodules could be periactine felt either in the body or cervix, and the body was movable. In November of the same year the firm located where it weight is today. Of slow growth and sometimes multiple; symptoms: hoarseness, online often dyspncea, rarely dysphagia; I MALIGNANT TUMORS. Should be done before paralytic stage sets order it. Can - it is now reported that he has had epithelioma of the epiglottis, but that was not noticed or referred to at the January or Fehruary nieetings. The gain primary consideration with Mr. Two small openings appeared, but no pus came away, only a kind of membrane, which was detected as a portion of a hydatid cyst: appetite. There is now no pain, and the "acheter" temperature, pulse, and respiration are normal. That case clearly proved that lactation, which was normal, could not have been induced by reflex nervous action, for the spinal cord was destroyed l)etween the nerves going to breasts and uterus: in.


Of course, in cases of excessive obesity this shouid be reduced before the As a matter of routine pills the patient is told, and it must be impressed on him, to empty the bladder every three hours at least whether it seems necessary or not.